Guide Gilbert & Gaillard 2017

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In this 2017 edition of the Gilbert & Gaillard International Wine Guide, four of our wines were rated:

Cuvée Prestige Le Berceau White 2013 : 85/100
“Powerful mouth […], soft texture, fluid.”

Cuvée Prestige Le Berceau Blanc 2014 : 87/100
“Nice balance between power and freshness. […], aromas express themselves freely.”

Cuvée Prestige Le Berceau Rouge 2013 : 86/100
“Mouth supple, rather concentrated, where the fruit is clean. Melted tannins. Balanced set.

Cuvée Prestige Le Berceau Rouge 2014 : 88/100
“Successful marriage between fruit and breeding. […] A Graves of character.”

It’s up to you to taste them!

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